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RED CRUCIBLE 2 Multiplayer Game

Red Crucible 2 – The Best Online Shooter

red_crucible_2_by_mercenary_artist-d4jqxhsRed Crucible 2 is probably the best online game, that you can play directly from your browser. There are a lot of different shooters available today on the internet, but Red Crucible 2 is absolutely different. In this game, you can join an online game, where should fight with a lot of other people. If you have never played Red Crucible 2(RC2) before, I will give you some advices. When you open it for the first time, you may need to download the Unity Web Player in order to open the game in your browser. This software is very small and needs only a few seconds to be installed. Once it is installed, you can start playing. At first, you will be suggested to start Training, but don’t lose your time, start the battle immediately. The game is very addicting and looks like a popular video game Call Of Duty, even some maps in RC2 are very similar to COD levels. Some of the controls that you will need during the game :

[Mouse Left Click]- Shoot
[Mouse Right Click]- AIM
[1] – Primary Weapon
[2]-Secondary Weapon
[G]-Throw grenade
[CTRL] – Sit

In Red Crucible 2, you will find a lot of different weapons, including machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns and many others. Each class of game have it’s own weapons, for example, if you choose the Attack Class, you may use M16 as your primary weapon. It is better to register when you first start playing, because it is much easier to save your game progress, including game money that can be used later to unlock the new weapons. RC2 Game also offers a lot of game modes, including Attack/Defend levels, traditional Command Fight and others. You can play them all if interested. Enjoy the Red Crucible 2 game at our website and have fun playing with your teammates and friends. Also check out the following cool games that you will love:
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